New research finds that nine in ten Canadians read newspapers weekly

Every week, regardless of platform, 88% of Canadians read newspapers in print, on computers, on tablets or on a smartphone.  And a third of Canadians (34%) are die-hard readers of newspaper content, consuming news on ALL FOUR platforms measured (print, computer, tablet and phone).  New research from News Media Canada proves that newspaper reading is truly multi-platform.

In 2012, when the Newspapers 24/7 study was first conducted, 85% of Canadians reported reading newspapers, on any platform, over the course of a week.  As our world shifts to digital it has become clear that newspaper readers are embracing technology to access newspaper content. Six years later, weekly newspaper readership is strong and stable and has climbed to 88%.

The Newspapers 24/7 study was designed to explore how Canadians read daily and community newspaper content, on different platforms and at different times during the day. Since the first study there have been shifts in reading by platform but one thing has not changed: Canadians in all demographic target groups continue to access newspaper content, across all the various platforms.  Full 2018 study results will be released Monday April 23in English and French. A presentation as well as several fact sheets will be available for download from the News Media Canada website.

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