Four ways Canadian newspapers power important conversations

If the last few years have taught us anything, it’s just how important it is for Canadians to have access to news they can trust. It’s not only about staying informed; it’s about being able to join in on pressing conversations and advocate for what you believe in. Here’s how Canadian news media fuel these meaningful conversations from coast to coast to coast:

  1. Keeping Canadians Informed

Canadians still look to their local newspapers to deliver vital information they can rely on and trust each and every day. In fact, studies show that nine in 10 Canadians read newspapers each week across Canada – either in print or digital format. The essential service the news media industry provides makes it possible for readers like you to gather knowledge, think critically, and form your own opinions. Newspapers give us all the tools we need to stay informed and discuss issues important to our communities.

  1. Combatting News Deserts

‘News deserts’ are communities that lack a daily or weekly newspaper, so people are forced to turn to other, less credible sources for information. Local newspapers are crucial in combatting news deserts across the country. With the help of dedicated local reporters, news media outlets work hard to provide these communities with original, local and factual content. These newspapers provide a voice for communities that are often overlooked and give them a place to gather accurate information that cannot be found anywhere else, let alone on social media.

  1. Fact-Based Reporting

In the golden age of disinformation and dreaded ‘fake news’, access to credible information is more important than ever. According to a 2019 international public opinion poll conducted by Ipsos Public Affairs, a whopping nine in 10 Canadians say they have fallen for fake news. By providing access to diverse and reliable sources of information, newspapers give Canadians access to information they can feel confident sharing with family and friends, as well as the tools they need to form opinions and engage in meaningful conversations.

  1. Preserving Canadian Democracy

While the internet and social media have certainly made communicating and sharing information easier, it also means that, unfortunately, almost anyone can say almost anything, whether it’s true or false. With Canadians consuming more content than ever before, access to credible news sources is increasingly vital to our democracy. Newspapers have always played a critical role in upholding Canadian democracy, informing citizens, and helping to hold governments and leaders accountable. Honest and accurate journalism has an overwhelmingly positive effect on civic engagement by creating space for Canadians to participate in meaningful conversations and providing the tools needed to make informed decisions.

Newspapers keep readers informed, inspired, and connected. They give us the information we need to participate in important conversations with our communities as we work towards a stronger future.

That is why each year, readers are invited to celebrate National Newspaper Week – an ode to the work of Canadian journalists to maintain a healthy democracy. This year National Newspaper Week runs from October 3 to October 9, 2021, and to pay tribute to the industry, Canadian artist Ola Volo partnered with News Media Canada to create a limited-edition, signed print titled “Champions”. This custom artwork empowers Canadians to spark meaningful conversations about the critical importance of independent local journalism.

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