Four lessons about Instagram from the Winnipeg Free Press

In a new article written for INMA, Erin Lebar, who manages audience engagement for news at the Winnipeg Free Press, explains how the Free Press has been able to simply grow its following on Instagram by about 40 per cent in just over a year.

They keys to success, according to the article, are found in implementing four basic practices.

First, consider using a scheduling tool. This allows for flexibility for staff handling the account to manage their time and create materials when they can. Scheduling tools also have built-in analytics to give you data to help identify what posts your audience finds most interesting.

Second, make use of existing content and eager newsroom staff. Or if, for example, there isn’t someone specifically dedicated to producing Instagram materials, ask others on the editorial staff to see if they have ideas.

Third, set priorities based on audience preferences. Lebar writes that after looking at their audience data and analytics, the Free Press knows their audience comes to their channel for arts and entertainment coverage, food, profiles, and long-form features, as well as news stories that are watercooler conversations — so that’s what they post.

Fourth, set up your own rules. Don’t have the resources to publish every day? That’s ok, she writes. Set up a schedule and stick to it. Don’t feel like you are beholden to an algorithm.