2023 Newspapers 24/7 research confirms that four out of five Canadians read newspapers

Every week almost 30 million newspapers are delivered across the country.  Four out of five people in Canada (83%) read newspaper content each week and trust the content they read, in print and digital formats.


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Newspapers in print and in digital are an effective advertising medium, no matter who you’re trying to reach. You want to reach those younger generations? They’re reading newspapers. You want to reach the older generations? They’ve always read newspapers. Newspapers deserve a position in the media mix.

Readership remains strong in the digital age.

Four out of five people in Canada (83%) read newspapers, in either print or digital format, at least once a week—essentially unchanged from the inaugural study (85%), conducted in 2012.  Despite a multitude of media options and digital distractions, readers still turn to trusted, traditional news sources.