The Globe and Mail announces sale of award-winning Sophi platform

Mather Economics, a global subscription and revenue management company, has acquired the artificial intelligence-based content curation and analytics platform Sophi Inc. from The Globe and Mail.

Globe and Mail publisher and chief executive Phillip Crawley announced the sale of Sophi to Atlanta-based Mather Economics, a subsidiary of Mediahuis.

Launched in 2015, Sophi is an AI-powered tool initially developed to help boost the attraction and retention of online news subscribers.

Sophi identifies and predicts which content is most relevant to which readers, helping the paper to maximize subscription revenue. It has become a vital tool in The Globe’s editorial process, allowing editors to determine, through extensive analytics, what kind of content audiences value.

The AI platform has assisted The Globe, in home-page editing, social-media management, pricing and content optimization.

First used only internally, Sophi expanded into other newsrooms and companies in various sectors and will now gain broader access to Mather’s more than 600 clients around the world.

You can read more about the transaction here.