News Media Canada announces its ‘Champions’ to launch National Newspaper Week 2023

News Media Canada is pleased to announce our final list of champions of the truth. Their inspirational stories are featured in the bilingual illustrated book Champions, launched on October 1, 2023, for National Newspaper Week.

These champions are a diverse collection of individuals who have shown their commitment to championing the truth by providing people in Canada with trustworthy, accurate news to keep them informed and communities connected. These industry champions were selected by a panel of industry professionals based on an open call for nominations.

The Champions book is by no means a complete list of the amazing people and teams behind the news in Canada. It merely provides readers with a glimpse into the rewarding world of news media and is representative of an entire industry of people who uphold our democracy by informing, championing and challenging our society.

Visit to purchase a hardcover copy of the book and access the free Champions e-book and PDF download.