The strength of “local commitment” through community champions and advocates

In Episode 8 of “Local Edge,” discover the profound impact of “local runs deep.” Host Shawna Randolph welcomes Kevin Weedmark, the editor of Moosomin World-Spectator. Weedmark passionately underscores his publication’s unwavering commitment to putting the community first. Notably, he also steers the ship at the Moosomin Chamber of Commerce, ardently championing the community at every possible juncture.

Randolph delves into the enduring alliance between Tyler Thorn, president of Celebration Ford Sales, and Moosomin World-Spectator. Thorn has judiciously chosen this publication as the platform for his advertisements over the past several years, a testament to the paper’s influence.

Wendi Lynd, a representative from the Moosomin District and Health Care Foundation, elaborates on how local newspapers play a pivotal role in disseminating information about community needs and services, shedding light on their crucial role in community awareness.