For retailers, print and digital make best coupon strategy

The print flyer is still a powerful promotional tool according to the latest Major Market Retail Report released by KubasPrimedia.

The 2011 report surveyed over 1,500 Canadian consumers on their shopping habits and found that, when looking to flyers for product information, 23% use print exclusively, 6% will only use e-flyers and 56% of consumers use a combination of both digital and print.

In an interview with Media in Canada, KubasPrimedia executive vice president, Ed Strapagiel noted that retailers should use e-flyers in conjunction with print promotions in order to achieve the best results. "While the cost savings may be very tempting, cutting back print flyer distribution because you have an e-flyer is a risky proposition. It’s the print flyer that is used most and what drives the effectiveness of the medium,” he said.

The report also reveals that only about 25% of consumers are looking to social networking sites and blogs for product information. "Twitter and Facebook have been heavily hyped in advertising and promotion circles…(however) MMRR shows that retailers and product manufacturers who are relying on social media to sway consumer purchase decisions may be misguided," says Strapagiel.

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