Canada Post introduces new online tool to manage Unaddressed Admail mailings

JUNE 26, 2012 – In March 2012, Canada Post introduced Precision Targeter, a free, self-serve online tool that makes it easier for newspapers to plan and manage Unaddressed Admail mailings. With the introduction of this new web-based application, publishers will no longer need to find and select desired walks from CPC’s website, write them down and then key them in their shipping tools.

This new intuitive and sophisticated online application can help you execute your Unaddressed Admail mailings quickly and easily through the intuitive map-centric user interface that will take you from creating your mailing plan to generating and placing your order in five easy steps.

Precision Targeter enables you to visually (map centric) plan, price and place your Unaddressed Admail Orders using an interactive, step-by-step tool—in minutes, not over several days. The application will prompt you for details about your mailing, including a description of your newspaper, your mailing dates and budgeting requirements (i.e. cost or number of pieces). The more details you provide, the more accurate the estimate.

Given the householder counts (number of homes, apartments, farms, businesses) are updated and change on a regular basis, the application provides up to date information to ensure that your mailing is accurate; thus avoiding any overages of shortages. The interactive maps can also be used to help customize your delivery area.

View a summary of your mailing. Download, email or save your analysis (i.e. postal routes) on a secure Canada Post website for up to 13 months. You can even export your analysis for import into Canada Post’s Electronic Shipping Tools.

When you’re ready to place your order, select “Order Now”. The application will guide you through the 5-step easy-to-follow steps required to prepare your mail and it will create all of the documentation needed for you to bring your mailing in for delivery. Step by step instructions will assist with you bundling and containerization your mailing.

Getting started is easy. Simply visit

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