Jalna: Newspapers Enhance TV

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The Challenge: Jalna competes with around 20 other brands in the yogurt category. While most brands compete on taste and creaminess, Jalna is positioned around health and well-being. While Jalna has a long history in Australia and many people are aware of the brand, Jalna doesn’t have a differentiated position within the minds of consumers.

Jalna’s uniqueness comes from its production process, which sets the yogurt in the pot. As a consequence Jalna, unlike other yogurts, uses only pure ingredients, resulting in a superior taste and texture. In specific terms, this means that Jalna doesn’t add anything like stabilizers, gums or thickeners. All of this would be complex information to communicate simply.

The Objective: The campaign task would be further complicated by consumers’ perceived trade-off between healthiness and taste. To avoid substitution with brands positioned around taste, Jalna’s campaign needed to meet a dual challenge:

  1. Provide a rational message around the product benefits that differentiate Jalna.
  2. Provide an emotionally reassuring message about taste to combat the perceived trade-off and increase attraction to the brand.

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