Marketing Local Newspapers

Newspapers Canada has materials that can be used to market your newspaper. The research data we provide can be used to highlight the power of the industry, while our case studies offer practical examples of successful newspaper advertising.

Members are welcome to distribute these PDFs to clients or include the information and examples in your own promotional materials.


This local snapshot provides big picture information on local newspapers and highlights a variety of statistics including:

  • Number of editions
  • Circulation
  • Free vs. paid numbers
  • Format
  • Ownership

In addition, it presents compelling facts for advertisers that you can use in presentations or newspaper marketing materials to support the use of the medium:

  • Readership
  • Reach hard to access Canadians
  • Desirable audience
  • Spend time with the paper
  • Share the paper
  • Readers want the ads
  • Readers want the flyers

Newspapers Canada has also produced a number of other pieces that provide an overview of the whole newspaper industry, such as: The Strength of Canadian Newspapers.pdf and Newspapers Work.pdf.

Our newspaper fact sheets are designed to show newspapers strength when used in conjunction with other media:

In addition, we provide information and examples by category:



There are also many