New industry ad campaign highlights key strength: Trust

Newspapers Canada has developed a new advertising campaign highlighting the newspaper industry and its strength.It was created for use by our newspaper members to run as often as they like in their print and digital properties.

The goal of the advertising was to target advertisers directly, as they are the key decision makers. In particular, we wanted to reach senior advertisers (presidents and vice-presidents of marketing), as well as local business people (who make their own ad decisions).

These executives and small business owners are all well informed (as they need to be), and they read our newspaper products.

We wanted to remind them of the power of our brands.

The ad campaign was designed to be upbeat and charming — something that would get the attention of advertisers. Also, recognising it would run in newspapers, it was created to resonate with readers, too.

We produced six ads in the campaign, providing a variety of options for our newspapers. The ads focused on the fact that our media is where Canadians look for trusted information. This is something our advertisers already intuitively know, as they personally use our media.

The campaign asks Canadians where they turn when they’re not sure about something they’ve heard: a newspaper brand. Not only that, we are the trusted source for ads, too.

Some advertisements include “news” that is surprising, but true. Others sound possible but are not true.

While the ads currently use the Newspapers Canada logo, newspapers are encouraged to make the ads their own if they so choose. Newspapers can use the Newspapers Canada logo, replace it with their own logo, or add their logo to ours.

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For any questions on the ad campaign, please contact Suzanne Raitt at