Special pricing on new business development course

Newspapers Canada is teaming up with Local Media Association (LMA) to offer our members media sales training at a reduced rate. In addition to its two Sales Certification programs, LMA recently launched a new Advanced Course in Business Development focused on using digital tools like social media and search to attract new clients.

This on-demand business development course is available online and consists of six training videos led by expert media sales educators.

Modules will cover the following areas:

  • Prospecting in the Digital Age
  • Social Prospecting Tactics
  • Using LinkedIn for Business Development
  • Digital Conversation Starters
  • Focusing Your Leads
  • Inbound Leads

Staff at CNA and CCNA member newspapers can register for any LMA Media Sales Training course at an exclusive discounted rate by select “Media Association Partner” during the registration process.

For a limited time, LMA is also offering another $20 off the price of its Advanced – Business Development Course.

For more information, visit localmedia.org/Resources/SalesCertificationProgram.aspx