Printed newspapers are the #OriginalSocialMedia

Despite today’s infatuation with social media, printed community newspapers are still as relevant and engaging as ever.

Long before there was Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter, there was the printed newspaper. The local newspaper was the central pulse of information about everyone and everything happening in the community. From births and deaths, to engagements and marriages, to graduations and anniversaries – even the day’s weather – community newspapers are the heartbeat of their communities.

Social media is all about communication, but when it comes to advertising, the printed newspaper can still be the most cost effective media option.  The “Just Blink” classified campaign generated more downloads at a lower cost per download than a Facebook campaign. This helps prove that printed community newspapers are the original social media.

To learn more about how community newspapers are the #OriginalSocialMedia, take a look at our recent presentation on our ad resources page.