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Vehicle advertisers need to know the facts about the market in Canada. To provide this necessary insight, News Media Canada conducted an update to previous automotive research designed to address the key question of what media influences vehicle purchases in Canada. More than 2,400 online interviews were conducted in December 2016 and the results released in 2017 once again prove the power of newspaper advertising.

The research focuses on buyers of new vehicles, a market worth more than $2.5 billion in Canada, according to DesRosiers Automotive Consultants. New vehicle buyers are dedicated newspaper readers across all platforms, with more than eight out of ten accessing newspaper content in print, on desktops/laptops, on their phones or on their tablets. In fact, more than four out of ten (42%) report reading newspapers on all four platforms throughout the day.

Consumers navigating the automotive purchase process in today’s world are presented with an increasing number of options and media influences. The 2017 Newspaper Media Drive Automotive Sales study reports that newspapers (print + digital) are among the most influential media at every stage of the vehicle buying process, as well as effective at triggering visits to 3 types of vehicle websites (manufacturer, brand/model and dealer). The data also reveals that three out four new vehicle buyers are reading and noticing the automotive ads in their printed newspapers.