Research shows newspapers matter to readers

During National Newspaper Week we celebrate the critical role that newspapers play in our democratic society and the importance of accurate, factual reporting. Newspaper content keeps readers coming back, and Vividata has the research to back that up. Download these newspaper research bites and use to spread the word that #NewspapersMatter.

1.      On a weekly basis newspaper brands reach 3 out of 4 adults across Canada.

2.      Two thirds of Millennials read newspaper brand content in an average week and almost three quarters (73%) of GenXers read newspaper brand content in an average week.

3.      78% of Boomers reader newspapers weekly and 2 out of 5 read in print only.

4.      85% of newspaper brand audiences read in the comfort of their own home; 42% of readers access newspaper content while commuting and 38% read newspapers at work.

5.      Half of newspaper brand readers agree that “print is an uninterrupted, personal and relaxing experience”.

6.      One out of three readers agree “I commit more time each day to seek out current news and information than I did 2 years ago.”

7.      The top three sections among print/digital readers are Local News, Provincial/National News and World News.

8.      Canadians spend about 21,000,000 hours reading newspaper brand content daily.

9.      37% of newspaper readers searched online for a product, brand or service after seeing an ad.

10.   1 in 4 community newspaper brand readers visited a restaurant or retailer after seeing an ad in a community newspaper.

You can also download our PowerPoint presentation on this topic here.

Click the image above to access the latest insight and PPT from the Vividata Spring Study 2019.