Cornwall Seaway News celebrates 35 years of community service

Since 1985, the Cornwall Seaway News has been proudly providing invaluable information to its readers. For the past 35 years, the dream of Rick Shaver and Dick Aubry has acted as a forum for community dialogue.

While Cornwall, Ont., and the news industry itself, has changed seismically during the life of the publication, what has not changed since Seaway News began is not just its commitment to advertisers, not just maintaining a strong news presence on all platforms, but also the commitment to be a part of the community the paper serves.

“The Seaway News is a shining example of the strength of Canada’s news media
industry and of the community that it serves,” said John Hinds, president and CEO of News Media Canada.

On behalf of the entire association, we celebrate this wonderful anniversary. To 35 more years!