New fact sheet highlights that nine in ten readers prefer flyers in print

News Media Canada has released a new fact sheet on flyers and inserts, that effectively highlights the industry in 2020, particularly in terms of the proven benefits of printed flyers.

Flyers are distributed in print and digital formats, however data has shown on multiple occasions that consumers want the printed flyer. In fact, 9 in 10 flyer readers prefer them in print! 85% of Canadians read printed flyers at least some of the time, and the majority are fully dedicated to printed flyers. Younger consumers also prefer printed flyers across various retail categories such as clothing (53%), home improvement (56%), and grocery (51%).

Digital flyers, on the other hand, remain an excellent way to extend flyer reach, and there is a 74% overlap in reading in both print and digital. That being said, only 9% of Canadians only read digital flyers, shedding light on the importance of printed flyers, even amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

To download the new fact sheet, click here.