Advertising with trusted news sources is the best way

Earlier this week, a city councillor from Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, argued that the city should conduct its advertising on social media to attract wider audiences because newspapers are “ancient and outdated.”

The city councillor also introduced a motion that asks city administration to review all existing bylaws that deal with advertising with local and area media outlets. The Council unanimously approved the motion.

This news is concerning to News Media Canada. Many studies we’ve conducted over the past several years show that Canadians have a trusted relationship with their local newspapers – especially in a world dominated by search engines, social media and ad blocking.

This motion neglects how trust is a key element for consumer engagement. Data on trust in various ad formats reinforces that newspapers top the list of ‘most trusted’ platforms – with social media being among the least trusted.

This is a point we will be sure to communicate to city officials in the very near future.