How well do you really know news?

Results from a recent Australian study finds that news is the most effective way to put your message out there, with maximum impact.  The recently released ThinkNewsBrands report, The Social Chapter, benchmarks the impact of news to social media.

The Australian research is a cross-media advertising effectiveness study that set out to understand the impact news platforms have along the path to purchase by measuring key metrics across short and long term memory as well as brand lift.

Key findings include:

  • Newspaper ads outperform Facebook by 4X
  • Ads in news delivery 1.7X the brand impact of YouTube
  • News creates 8.5X greater memorability than the run of the internet

“When you think news, do you think the strongest reach, a growing audience, superior trust, and powerful immediate ROI impact? If not, it’s time to think again, because advertising in news deserves a greater share of your media mix.”

Read more here and download The Social Chapter here.