Claresholm Local Press: Proud to serve their community

For this year’s National Newspaper Week, the Claresholm Local Press ran a double-page spread to celebrate the importance local journalism plays in keeping their communities informed and engaged.

In addition to running the national print ad, they highlighted their regional and national awards, included a staff photo and celebrated their home delivery carrier, Sonny! They even hosted a community open house with hot dogs and chips.

Read their message to readers below and check out their photos in the feature pages below.

Look to us first!

We want to renew our commitment to bringing you local stories that matter. In return we ask you to “Look to us first” when sourcing and sharing your news.  So just what does that mean?

From the home games of our sports teams, community events and activities, to the municipal government meetings – we are there to report the stories that matter.

Look to us to bring you the FACTS; when you have a story to share; when you have an event you want to promote; and when you have an opinion you want to share. We are here for you! We are invested in our community.

As a newspaper, we have a long history in our community. A tradition that dates back to 1926. Community newspapers are alive and well. In fact, our newspaper reaches more people in the trading area than any other news outlet. And we are survivors. We’ve survived the World Wars, the Depression, recessions; and the Pandemic.

We invest in our community by telling the stories of the people who live and work here. The hard work of our staff every week is the reason people continue to turn to us for their news and advertising.

The Claresholm Local Press is supported by advertising. When a business or individual buys an advertisement in the newspaper, it subsidizes space for a story you enjoy reading. Without advertising there would be no newspaper. The subscription and cover price offsets the cost of distributing the paper, but doesn’t begin to cover the cost of maintaining a building or paying the wages of 6 full and part-time staff members, who help to bring you the news. So, if you enjoy reading about our community, it’s important to support our advertisers, and your newspaper.

We also need the help of our readers to produce our weekly paper. We ask: do you know of an inspiring story that needs to be told? Let us know. We can’t share a story if we don’t know about it!

We love having feedback from our readers. If we have included something you like, or dislike, let us know! Again, I ask you to: Look to us first. I am incredibly proud of the product we produce each week, and I hope as a reader, you are too. Our newspaper preserves the history of our community, a job we take very seriously. We strive to put out a newspaper you find equally interesting and informative, because we are your newspaper, and we’re here for you.

Sincerely, Amanda Zimmer, Owner/Publisher, Claresholm Local Press