Format matters: Traditional vs. online newspaper readership

Newspaper readership has been fueled in recent years by digital access, resulting in the ability to read content in a variety of formats.

As readers continue to shift to digital reading, newspapers are evolving to engage with readers in new ways.

The 2024 Newspapers 24/7 study provides new insights on readership and advertising opportunities.

Traditional Format Readership = Printed Newspaper + E-Edition

The traditional format includes print advertising in a physical newspaper IN ADDITION to the digital version that appears online as an e-edition.

Almost half (46%) of people in Canada can be reached with traditional format advertising. Print ads (and sometimes ever flyers) are now reproduced online in digital e-editions, in the same format as the printed newspaper. E-editions now provide new opportunities for measuring response to print ads.

Online Format Readership = Posted Digital Content/Articles on Websites/Apps

The online format references newspaper websites or apps where the posted digital content and articles appear next to digital ad formats.

Six out of ten (59%) of people in Canada can be reached with online format advertising, which includes digital ad units like leaderboards, big box, tall block and billboard ads, to name a few.

The Newspapers 24/7: 2024 study was fielded in October/November 2023 with a sample size of 2,621 online interviews in English and French across Canada.

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