Higher level of comfort with ads in newspapers

Canadian consumers continue to rate ads in traditional media as more trustworthy than ads that appear online, according to 2016 consumer research the Advertising Standards Canada (ASC).

The ASC Research: Consumer Perspectives on Advertising 2016, found a majority of Canadians continue to feel positively about advertising  – and get value from the ads they read, hear and see. The ASC commissioned The Gandalf Group to research Canadians’ perceptions of advertising through an online survey of 1,564 Canadians in early 2016

Quick facts:

  • As in previous studies, consumers continue to be more comfortable with levels of truth and accuracy in traditional media versus digital media.
  • More Canadians report higher levels of comfort with ads in newspapers, followed by ads in brochures and in-store flyers.
  • Canadians continue to report lower levels of comfort with truth and accuracy in ads in digital media

Source: Advertising Standards Canada; The Gandalf Group