Millennials turn to traditional media to supplement digital content

New research from MTM’s latest report finds that traditional media still plays a big role with Millennials. Specifically, their research finds that Millennials are supplementing online/digital content with traditional media sources like news. Millennials (18-39) are bigger news consumers than those 40 and over.

While most older Canadians consume news through TV, Millennials that watch the news on TV (50%) add to this exposure with online news. 88% of Canadians between the ages of 31-39 and 86% between 18-30 are reading news content online, compared to only 72% of those 40+. In addition, those aged 31-39 are more likely to get their news from broadcast websites (77%), while those 18-30 are more likely to turn to social media (66%). All three frequent newspaper websites and online news aggregators as well.

Research from November 2020, conducted by Totum Research, also confirms that Millennials are strong readers of newspaper content, regardless of platform.  Nine out of ten (90%) Millennials report reading newspaper content, in print or digital formats, over the course of a week.  Millennials access news content more than the average Canadian (87%) or Boomers (82%).