Newspapers Canada industry presentation for 2012

Each year, Newspapers Canada creates an inspiring new presentation to highlight the power of the medium. As the industry has effectively embraced digital including mobile and tablets, these arenas are featured as well. The 2012 presentation is detailed below and it will be shared with media planners, advertisers, newspapers and colleges across the country.

Newspapers: A Recipe for Success

Suzanne Raitt, vice-president of marketing and innovation at Newspapers Canada, will share an inspiring presentation created to highlight the power and effectiveness of newspapers as well as their sites, mobile and tablet offerings. This year’s presentation demonstrates ‘what’s cooking’ in 2012. Research and examples from Canada and around the world have been sourced to provide a delicious sampling.

Topics include:

  • Set table: Newspaper readership strong and growing
  • Staple: Print newspapers
  • Finger food: Mobile (a good pairing)
  • Eye candy: Tablet (quick facts to chew on)
  • Have your cake and eat it too: Newspaper sites
  • Pie in the sky: What the future holds

Contact for further information or a presentation.