Innovative Advertising Blog: Words Matter

Newspapers Canada spotlights newspaper innovation by inviting representatives from across the country to contribute to our Innovative Advertising Blog. In this edition, Bernard Asselin, President at BleuBlancRouge, highlights the award-winning creative work his agency completed for The Gazette in Montreal.

BleuBlancRouge has an on-going relationship with The Gazette as their agency partner. We are always looking for ways to communicate the newspaper’s core message to the local community. The campaign which we developed some years ago now is called “Words Matter”. It highlights the importance of the newspaper’s key asset – their content across all media.

Each incarnation of the “Words Matter” campaign has pushed the boundaries of creativity by bringing forward thought-provoking ideas that emphasize the power of the written word. We have been fortunate enough to have been recognized for these efforts – both here in Canada and internationally.

As the industry continues to change, so must the Words Matter platform. As such, we devised an innovative way to deliver the “Words Matter” campaign by emphasizing the importance of rich content in the digital era. Rather than the regular front page, readers saw their front and back page completely filled with news-driven tweets by their editorial staff.

Not only did this front-page capture attention, it effectively linked the paper product with another modern way that The Gazette was also delivering its news. Relevant, interesting and award-winning: this page garnered this year’s Best of Show at Newspapers Canada annual creative award show.

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